Customized Business Investments in Environmental Sustainability

Introducing environmentally friendly technologies and practices is good for the company’s image and 
competitive position as compliance with strict environmental regulations can be a precondition to access European Union, United States, Asia, and Arab regional markets. Moreover, improving the health and safety conditions within the company will enhance staff morale and increase productivity and loyalty.

Typical Environmental Sustainability investments

SUNREF loans are available to companies, hotels, hospitals, etc.. wanting to invest in measures to improve environmental performance (EP), for example by:

  • Helping them comply with increasingly strict governmental legal regulations and standards on effluent, gaseous pollutants and particulate emissions;.
  • Cutting water consumption;.
  • Introducing technologies/ techniques that reduce waste and production costs.
  • Separating waste, for recycling or reuse as fuel.
    Enabling use of cleaner fuel.
  • Introducing cleaner modern technologies.


Applications procedures

The procedure to apply for a non-standard loan involves just four simple steps:

Step 1: Apply for loan

To apply for a loan less than USD 1 million, simply download this application form. (For a loan greater than USD 1 million, please download this application form) fill in and send to the bank of your choice or to the SUNREF office directly, along with the requested supporting documents.
Should you have any questions about the process or eligibility of your investment, feel free to contact the SUNREF office, or a local partner bank who can advise you about the application process.

Step 2: Sign Letter of Engegment and Project Assessment

The SUNREF experts will assess the eligibility for financing your project under SUNREF based on the information provided.
Where needed this may involve a site visit or request for additional information.  The engineers might also recommend possibilities to enhance the project design to ensure a fast payback from energy cost savings.

Step 3: Loan agreement is signed and project implemented

If the project is eligible, the bank will proceed with its normal credit procedures and negotiate the terms of the loan.

Step 4: Implementation is verified and grant payment reimbursed

Environmental Protection projects are not eligible for the 5%


Eligibility criteria for  Environmental Performance Projects

The  borrower’s overall performance  to environmental issues shall be examined and the compliance with local regulations shall be assessed.

There is no limit on the environmental performance such as natural resources (NR) saving for small projects onf  investment of less than 300,000 JOD while 20% reduction of NR consumption is required for large investments. 

EP projects shall also comply with the technical eligibility criteria below and if needed have the environmental clearance from the Ministry of Environment and conduct preliminary or comprehensive environmental impact assessment (EIA) study:


Control of pollution to comply with legislations

Any pollution abatement project (both end of pipe and cleaner production concerning wastewater, air quality, soil decontamination, waste reuse, waste recycling, etc.) will be eligible as far as the borrower meets the relevant national environmental standards after the project’s completion.


Natural resources protection and saving

All investments that tangibly reduce natural resource usage (such as water resources) or help protecting such resources are eligible.


What kinds of businesses can benefit?

SUNREF is available to companies that meet the local bank’s credit approval criteria and are:

  • Incorporated in Jordan
  • Majority is privately owned and controlled
  • operating in industrial or commercial sectors (some activities are excluded, such as the products of hard alcohol or armaments)
  • In compliance with national environmental, employment and social legislation.


Excluded sectors