Plastics producer cuts power consumption by 59%

A loan of €4.175 million from AFD has helped one Istanbul-based plastic packaging firm to slash its power consumption by 59%.


The firm, produces flexible food-packaging, stretch film, carrier bags and other packaging products at its factory in Istanbul.


It took the AFD loan, in 2010, to finance an investment in state-of-the-art production equipment-two top quality extruders and printing machines and one chiller.


Technological advances have made this new machinery very energy-efficient; in fact, in can produce the same annual volume of packing at just over 40% of the energy it used to consume.


The investment yielded big cost savings of around €1.35 million per year resulting in a 17% IRR (internal rate of return) for the project.

Sector Plastic packaging
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Investment size €7097 m
Loan amount €4.175 m
Investment Extruders, printers, chiller
Energy savings achieved 59%
Annual cost savings €1.35 m
Payback time 3.09 years
IRR 17%