Two Amman schools save almost a third of their electricity bills

A loan of JOD 250,000 from AFD has helped two Amman-based schools reduce their consumption of power from the electricity grid by a dramatic 32.1%.

Each of the two schools installed 67 kWp of solar photovoltaic capacity after a four-day energy audit in April 2012 established the saving potential.

AFD approved the loan without delay and within five months, PV panels and inverters had been installed and were working as stand-alone capacity. In May 2013, the installation was connected to JEPCO’s grid, allowing “net metering”.

In less than a year, the two schools saved 30.6% and 33% of their energy consumption respectively. The IRR was 18.58%!
Electricity tariffs are expected to increase again in 2017 but already in the first year the schools saved almost JOD 39,000.

And because of the EU returns 5% of the amount loaned under SUNREF investments, the schools will receive a further JOD 12,500 cash back on the investment.

Economic branch Education
Location Amman, Jordan
Loan amount JOD 320,000
Investment Grid-connected photovoltaic system including: PV Panels, Inverters
AFD loan JOD 250,000
Energy saings achieved 32.1%
Annual cost savings JOD 38,900 (first year) Rising to JOD 48,400 (2017)
IRR 18.58%
Additional benefits Greater energy independance
Payback period 7.9 years - not allowing additional tariff increases and grant incentive.